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Someday I'll be sipping Merlot while those guys -- He points to the table of jocks, as they torture various passers-by. Cameron is smitten CAMERON That girl -- I -- MICHAEL You burn, you pine, you perish?

MICHAEL Future MBAs- We're all Ivy League, already accepted. Pure and perfect, she passes Cameron and Michael without a look. BLAISE, the one-step-away-from-medication English Teacher, tries to remember what she's talking about.

He looked like Christian Bale crossed with Don Draper, only more rough and tumble.

It was his last night in town and my friend Ed had been roadying for his band.

Half my face was burned off because of his stubble too.

TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU written by Karen Mc Cullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith based on 'Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare Revision November 12, 1997 PADUA HIGH SCHOOL - DAY Welcome to Padua High School,, your typical urban-suburban high school in Portland, Oregon. Loners, Lovers, the In and the Out Crowd rub sleep out of their eyes and head for the main building. CAMERON I don't think so, ma'am MISS PERKY Then go forth. Cameron rises to leave and makes eye contact with PATRICK VERONA, a sullen-looking bad ass senior who waits outside Ms Perky's door. Miss Perky looks down at her file and up at Patrick MISS PERKY (continuing) Patrick Verona.

PADUA HIGH PARKING LOT - DAY KAT STRATFORD, eighteen, pretty -- but trying hard not to be -- in a baggy granny dress and glasses, balances a cup of coffee and a backpack as she climbs out of her battered, baby blue '75 Dodge Dart.

We took the subway into Manhattan the next day and just kept laughing. I’d been at work for about ten minutes when Ed’s wife called. She just said, ‘Meet me on the corner and tell me EVERYTHING.'” Heh.

He had an issue with coming for some reason so often times I was knackered before he could get off, but that night …

well you get the point.”“Back when I was a total ho-bag, I met this unbelievably good-looking British bass player.

The young RIDER dashes over to help, trembling when he sees who his board has hit. Cowering in fear, he attempts to scoop up her scattered belongings. Her less extraordinary, but still cute friend, CHASTITY stands next to her. HALLWAY - DAY- CONTINUOUS Bianca is immediately greeted by an admiring crowd, both boys and girls alike. MISS PERKY I'm sure you won't find Padua any different than your old school.

MISS PERKY It says here you exposed yourself to a group of freshmen girls.

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