Radcombobox text not updating

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Additionally, how to reference the ajax manager in master/content page scenario and trigger ajax requests from the client you can learn from the resources pointed below: Page/Default regards, Stephen the Telerik team Ok, after going through the articles that you pointed, I am still stuck at one point.

I have made all suggested changes like moving hte ajax manager to the master page, creating an ajaxmanagerproxy in the content page and have added settings to the proxy.

Before looking at the generated HTML, do you want to take a guess at how should it look like? But, I can guarantee that, the generated html looks nothing like you would have thought Usually for us "the mortal developers", Combo Box is rendered via the "select" tag. But, Telerik had different plans for the Combo Box. that is too simple, lets make peoples lives complicated". I can only say, surely there are better ways of doing things!

Telerik uses a complex tree of "div's, ul, li, table, tr, td, a, input and an hidden input", for something that could have been easily achieved using a simple "select" tag, some Java Script and some CSS!

Telerik has provided a lot of controls that could be used in variety of situations.

The autopostback is always resetting the value of the second Radcombobox to the first item in its predefined list. Double clicking the grid opens up a radwindow that lets the users edit the grid row data. To me it looks like the client side is missing something.I want the grid on the parent page to refresh without having to do a full page refresh. Please look at my code that I posted earlier and confirm that at least I am going in the right direction. vithiya I have a question about setting the Enable View State property to false. The code behind is working as expected and the ajax request is being processed as well.We do use the viewstate property to store values throughout the application.

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