Restoring ipod without updating software

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2) Click on the "Start" button to get your i Phone scanned by the program. 3) After the scan, you can preview all data on your i Phone one by one.Tick the item you want to keep and click "Recover" to save them to your computer.Fortunately, you can fool i can get your hands on the older software.On a Mac (for instance), the i Pod software is stored at ~/Library/i Tunes/i Pod Software Updates/ (that''s where i Tunes puts it after dowloading).The first step here is to connect your phone to your computer, something that can easily be done via the trustworthy USB cable that you received in your package when you bought the phone.Once the phone is connected you should automatically see it appear in the i Tunes application.Disconnect your i Phone from the computer and go to "Settings" "Erase All Content and Settings".

(For my 5.5G 80GB, the current software file is "i Pod_25.1.2.1.ipsw".) Someone's p'bly got older versions cached online somewhere....Have you tried asking around for the, or at other i Pod fora? You can format the disk with everyday tools, but only i Tunes can supply the "operating system" and other bits that the i Pod needs to function as a music player.This way is the best way to restore your i Phone without updating i OS, and it's available for every i Phone user. You can choose to use i Tunes or i Cloud to get them backed up.You do that by opening the "Terminal" and typing this command: "chflags nohidden ~/Library".Now you should go back to i Tunes, hold down the "Option" key and at the same time click the "Restore" button.

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