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Generally it worked, and it should work better in a full production.

But, if Shimano used fewer stories it would clear up on the page.

When Akira has two interested potential dates via his online dating account, he faces a choice.

In the story, this is framed as a choice between a hot suitor versus a smaller, more introspective one.

Because the stories, comments, and character journeys change shape, merge and float about like so many pods in a lava lamp, director Brad Walker had his job cut out for him.

Walker handled these challenges with the use of many more props and costuming touches like wigs, hand puppets, masks, fake beards and even some blocking (how the actors move about the stage) than is typical for a reading.

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If you registered for the December 2016 JLPT, you will be receiving a test voucher and information by post.doesn’t exactly translate into “once upon a time,” but is really closer to “a long time ago in a place far far away,” and then he breaks frame yet again to comment “There I go quoting ‘Star Wars.’ I’m such a geek.” In under 20 seconds Shimano gives us both a key theme and the pattern of the play: it just doesn’t quite translate, and we pause to comment) with underwhelming success in the dating realm.Heather is his European-American friend from college that encourages him to try online dating to end his loneliness.For example, when Akira dons a princess crown in one of the stories and shifts to a higher pitched voice, we know he’s enacting the princess role.He takes it off to say something as Akira, and puts it back on to become the princess again.

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