Social class and dating

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I've dated men who make less than me and the money was only an issue one time when there was a huge disparity in our incomes (he was a student so he had none at the time).It only became an issue because he couldn't do the things I did unless I paid for everything and he couldn't deal with that.

He couldn't afford a plane ticket and there was no way we were going to drive the 1000 miles for a short stay. It was only after we came back from the trip that I found out my travel arrangements caused him to miss a Saturday appointment that was a huge deal.That's probably more a reflection on my own uncertainty about career, future aspirations, whatever, and Org, do I get tired of every potential date in my social class insisting on "a guy who knows where he's going in life", blah blah blah.Gimme a break; this is a coffee date, not a SAP/SAR background interview.You should also date exclusively within your own race, ethnicity, geographic origin, and political party. Various movies have been made about marriages outside of class or culture, mostly for laughs, but the kernel of truth is that it doesn't matter if one is accepting and respectful of the other. I'm from a white, upper-middle class family living in the comfortable suburbs of conservative, white, Christian Cincinnati. I'm no big traveler, but I get a sense that perhaps other countries (for good or for ill ) want a little something more than just money to designate social class.I've dated above and below my social class and you basically need an open mind to be successful. [ I dunno about class, but I married into a different ethnic culture, and it sure works for me ] Possible hijack coming. My ex and most recent guy are from the ghettos of LA. So, to say that one is or isn't dating within one's social class......means what, to whom ?

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