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On the surface, score 1 for conventional wisdom and 0 for Love Systems.

But then they took a page out of the Love Systems manual and “flipped the script.” Instead of women sitting and men rotating (and “approaching” them), the men sat and the women rotated. Now women – even especially attractive women – listed many more men they were attracted to then before.

Big Picture Question: So let's simplify and assume that mainstream entertainment and most young women (e.g.

SJW, teenagers in general...) want to keep men away from the dating pool, or at least make it harder for them to date girls.

I 100% believe that story, though I'm still mad they'd throw out all the legitimate groups with a careless broad strokes measure just to crack down on some criminals.

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And that an attractive woman can get almost any man she wants, but a man has to have a lot going for him AND have great “game.” Guess what? Usually women sit at tables and men rotate around until every man has had a “date” with every woman.However, heterosexual girls still want to get laid, or find a partner for life after they're used up. If you were in their shoes, wouldn't your macrosocietal goal be to have the largest number of men available to you in order to increase your supply pool?I've found that most local single Meet Up groups are run by a woman.They want all the dating coaches and matchmakers gone.The reason they're cracking down on this is because of the bad press they got a few months back when that PUA guy organized a rally that basically suggested that rape should be legal. They got a ton of bad press for allowing such a group to exist on their platform.

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