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I'd also advise staying clear of the update/delete events of the gridview too. I also had to make sure I update certain page elements in several other events after moving the Data Bind call into the ! A three tier approach would've been overkill for this page but yes it is a more robust design.

NET experts, I've been struggling with a problem for awhile I need your help resolving it...

Pass in a valid dictionary for update or change your mode to Overwrite Changes.

You have specified that your delete command compares all values on Sql Data Source 'ds Students', but the dictionary passed in for values is empty.

I’ve just learned about another interesting solution which is presented in Peter Kellner’s blog. The solution I’m familiar with and used is to set the parameter in Selecting (Inserting / Updating for Insert / Update) events of SQLData Source.

I have a select statement set in an Sql Data Source that returns a result table like this: Major Stone ID | Band Style ID | Type ID | Cut ID | Weight | Color | Clarity | Qty | Unit Price | Stone Name | Cut Name Stone Name and Cut Name come from joins with other tables. Updating, the new values collection also does not have the updated values. To simplify the problem, if I set up my Sql Data Source the same way, then drop a datagrid on the form and autogenerate the columns and edit buttons, I still get the problem.

The update procedure for the Sql Data Source updates the following fields: Type ID | Cut ID | Weight | Color | Clarity | Qty | Unit Price These are the only fields available for editing in the Grid View. Parameters, I see that the values have not been updated. After clicking update, the New Values collection of the Grid View Update Event Args does not contain the updated values. In my Page_Load event, I call Data Bind() to bind other bindings on the page.

The problem is, that when I press update with a breakpoint on Sql Data Source. This prevents the grid from updating for some reason. Hi there, When you call Data Bind in Page_Load, you tell your controls to data bind. NET 2.0 Instant Results and Beginning Dreamweaver MX / MX 2004My advice would be to steer clear of the sqldatasource and use a 3-tiered approach to retrieving, displaying and collecting data.

I don't know why yet, or how to bind the page..if I remove Data Bind from Page_Load, updating is successful. This means fresh data is retrieved from the database as soon as the page loads. Is Post Back) This way, Data Bind is only called when the page initially loads and leaves your edits alone on postback. Get the data from your database using a sqldatareader and store it in a custom collection by defining your own custom object.

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