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But unlike Steve-O, Trishelle will reinforce longstanding stereotypes of nurses as sexually available dimwits and physician handmaidens. Steve-O is "wag[ing] a war against wussiness in America." Naughty nurse Trishelle might be found smiling at his side, sitting on his lap, or allowing him to place a stethoscope near her cleavage.

Also popping up occasionally is the very large Regg, introduced by Steve-O this way: "And if anybody messes with me then Regg is gonna kick their butts!

Trishelle's role involves looking cute, letting Steve-O cuddle with her, and encouraging participants to do as Steve-O says.

The show is not quite as stupid or ugly as it sounds.

In a solo interlude, Steve-O says he is about to staple "my you-know-what sac to my leg." He does, and we see the blood through his shorts.

Onscreen: Sponsor Sneaux brand sneakers thinks this is cool enough to stick its product next to it.

See this movie on You Tube by clicking here The show's obsession with pain reminded us of those who undergo ritual pain to obtain spiritual benefit, a practice ranging from the Flagellants to the ritual piercings in many traditions.

Not unlike such practitioners, Steve-O aspires to something greater in the pain, though it may be notions of masculinity and strength rather than transcendence as it is traditionally understood.

Loaded with OVER AN HOUR of outrageous bonus footage, get all of the ...Steve-O lets the fireworks victim shoot the host's bare back in return, causing visible burns. The final stage of the show is "group therapy." In this episode, that involves going to what seems to be an art gallery and doing what Steve-O describes this way: This is too much for the participant who thinks he comes off as too youthful.He leaves to call his mother (really), and is rewarded with an onscreen brand of "WUSS" as he departs.Girls like tattoos.") Another man who is perceived as too boyish is encouraged to remove his braces with pliers, then go skateboarding in a straightjacket.The third, who fears strangers, must ask for help from strangers while hanging upside down on a city street as Steve-O shoots fireworks at him; then he must go stage-diving at a concert featuring "some soothing death metal." Steve-O joins in most of this, often upping the ante. Don't try this at home.") Steve-O joins the skateboarding, but only after Trishelle has lit him on fire.

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