The twelve new rules of dating

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And it was created by opening things up to the public. Linux: Another tool that has been created through an open, collaborative process.Despite massive criticism for this open process, it has worked beautifully. While it still has a ways to go, for many it is already better than Windows, which was created using massive funds but a closed system. Freelancers and bloggers: More and more, people are breaking out of the traditional workplaces in favor of more freedom and independence.Google, Wikipedia, Linux, and Freelancers and Bloggers … A number of companies and projects embody the spirit of the New Rules of Working, but my favorites are Google, Wikipedia and Linux.

The archive-and-search philosophy of Gmail, the easy collaboration of GDocs, the ease-of-use of Gcal and other online tools, the innovative uses of cloud computing. It is more useful than regular encyclopedias by an order of magnitude.

or you could embrace the new rules, and be a part of the change.

Transitioning from Electric Typewriters I love my grandfather, a journalist of more than 50 years, but I always remember when the local newspaper (he’s the former managing editor) changed from typewriters to computer terminals and a mainframe.

The old rules are being broken, and new ones are emerging.

You could call this the Workplace of the Future, as not all businesses have adopted these models, and it will be a few years before these new rules are the norm.

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