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You might wonder why a portable version is so important…the problem is that the worst malware infections block you from installing malware removal software, and even if you manage to get it installed, most of the time when you try and launch it, you’ll get an error like this one: SUPERAnti Spyware Portable solves this problem by not only giving you a completely portable version of the application, which consists of a single file you can copy to your USB drive without requiring installation, but it also automatically gives you a random filename so the malware can’t detect it as easily.The application will scan through the system and find anything bad on the system, and then let you remove it all easily.So there you have it, a full endorsement from How-To Geek for SUPERAnti Spyware.In Pompeii, remains of an onion basket were discovered in a brothel—apparently, back then they were thought to encourage “carnal desire.” Nowadays they seem to have the opposite effect (eww, onion breath? Gladiators were massaged with onion juice before walking into the arena, believing it promoted strength.

Science has caught up with these antiquated beliefs, and we now know that some of these early medicinal theories were not far off base.Polo people may take note that, while running last year in allowance heats, she displayed a lot …Onions are one of the most popular and versatile vegetables in the world.Onions are proven to be high in Vitamin C and quercitin, an antioxidant flavonoid that may help to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, as well as certain types of cancer.Onions have an unmistakable odor that can linger on your hands and fingers for days to come.

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