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He persuaded Mr Cossar to trade in his old vehicle for a Mitsubishi Pajero and told Mr Cossar he would pay off the loan. After a string of similar incidents, Mr Cossar started to get suspicious. "There was a note with the house key and a note in the letterbox saying, 'Don't want the car.It's in Craven St.' And 'F-off.' You know, and that was it." Now he is landed with 00 of someone else's debt to pay off."Yeah, so not happy about it, but it's my own fault trusting someone. I'd knock him over if I ever seen him, but it's not worth going away for it." After fleeing Mr Cossar's place, we tracked Benefield to another Christchurch address – the Pine Acres Holiday Park.He'd already checked out, and not surprisingly he'd done so without paying."At first I thought he was a great guy," says Mr Cossar."I felt sorry for him because he said he'd just been going through a divorce and all this stuff." Once again, Benefield's interest was cars.After exchanging pleasantries, the conversation moved to what Benefield wanted in a relationship."I don't care what anyone has got, but it's the truth that I appreciate," says Benefield to Maria.

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"My first thought was I want to stop this crim from ripping off women, which essentially most of the time is what he's doing.

Ms Lynn finds herself in this position because she's lost her life savings to someone she trusted.

"I see the good in everyone and he was very good at what he did." She's talking about Benefield.

"Yes, he left us out of pocket of 00," says camp manager Wayne Curragh.

Mr Curragh allowed Benefield to stay in a unit at his holiday park for four weeks and he only paid for one. "He genuinely promised me that his wife was going to come with the money, which I've found out since he's not married." After he left the holiday park, he called Mr Curragh claiming he had in fact paid for his accommodation in full. " It was time to arrange another meeting with Maria.

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