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I tried to follow all these instruction and these instructions too.

The problem is I am unable to boot from the USB key.

Here is a screenshot: i.stack.imgur.com/MA99Thank you for your help.

I'll try with another distribution as you suggest.

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In fact, when the USB key is plugged in, the computer starts and the Dell logo appears. When it is complete, the computer restarts and does the same thing.

Furthermore, EFIs vary greatly, making it impossible for developers of such tools to test on a wide enough variety of systems.

Such tools can therefore sometimes create USB flash drives that are unbootable in EFI mode.

I do recommend installing in BIOS/CSM/legacy mode except as a last resort.

Doing so will require you to install an EFI-mode boot loader after the fact, which is extra work that can itself cause confusion and complications.

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