Updating garmin 430w Xxxvideo chate

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Pierre, First you need to determine which card(s) you have. They can also discuss card reader options with you, but its probably going to be the Skybound USB reader, I think for around last I checked.

Probably PCMIA (older) or Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) (newer). You will need a card reader, available from Jeppesen unless one came with your avionics. You will also need to download their software called JSUM (Jeppesen Services Update Manager). After you have all the above, they will talk you through the process of downloading the database onto your computer and then the process of writing the database from your computer to your data card through the USB card reader.

In the past, when I've had a problem, I just re-load the drivers and then make a note of the USB port for the next time.

If the port is preempting for drivers, it probably needs them. Pierre, You need to buy a Skybound card reader from Jeppesen. I also have to buy updates for my Chelton's from Jepp. I have done the update every cycle for the last 3 years.

John Clark ATP, CFI FAA FAAST Team Member EAA Flight Advisor RV8 N18U "Sunshine" KSBAAlex, Having had many of the same problems over the years, the one thing I can suggest is that you go ahead and re-load the drivers for the particular USB port that you're working with.

I have found that when you download the drivers, they only seem to work for the one USB port (this may be an XP issue).

The error it gives is stating that it failed verification.The list of errors in that log are, to me, indicative of crummy software. Hate to say it (because I am not fond of the whole Jeppeson Monopoly on IFR databases...), but I have not actually had a problem updating the 430 database with the USB Skybound in the past four years Alex. I pretty much go "hands off" on the computer when I get the thing going, afraid that if I bring anything else up, I might interrupt the process.I have always gone straight to the card - never tried saving it and doing the card later. Now my problem is that I have a 430 in the -8, and just got a 430W for the -3. I'll have to do the math on the break-even point to do the upgrade for the Val I guess..... Paul Like Paul, I have never had any issues with the download, but I agree on the monopoly issue.In any case, it seems like it has always been cantankerous to get it to work smoothly.Start the program, get the update downloaded, cross fingers, put the USB plug in, hope it detects.

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