Updating ios via xmodem

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This procedure updates the BIOS for PC Engines ALIX systems with serial port consoles (alix3c3 and other boards with VGA ports require a different BIOS) In order to boot Nano BSD-based pf Sense images, a PC Engines ALIX needs to have at least BIOS version 0.99h and be set for CHS mode. After the update finishes, power off the ALIX and remove the card.

The ALIX BIOS settings may need reste (Press the 's' key while the RAM test is running).

Typically, the BIOS defaults to a serial speed of 38400. In particular, check that the BIOS is set for CHS mode.

The trick I had to manage next was to upload the binary image using the console port, a console cable and a terminal program that had xmodem support built in.

Windows 7 lacks Hyperterminal as in earlier versions but I was able to find Tera Term. Next on the switch I used the following command – switch: copy xmodem: flash: As soon as I saw the prompt that the switch was trying to download the binary, I started the process of uploading the file to the switch. A 12 Megabyte file can take upwards of an hour and a half to transfer.

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