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ZF is a framework, which means each part is designed to work with minimal dependency on other parts.

You can use just a few components without needing to learn the whole framework.

There’s no need to open the files, but if you do, you’ll see that each file is extensively commented, which partly explains why the framework is so big.

As you gain more experience, you’ll discover a lot of useful information in these comments.

Frameworks provide a wide range of options, many of which you might never use.

For example, ZF has 14 components that access different e-commerce services on

Most developers never use them, but they’re indispensible if you have an Amazon affiliate account.

Each component has a corresponding file in the Zend folder plus a folder of its own.

Some download links require you to establish a Zend account.

Like ZF, this is free and does not entail any obligations.

Alternatively, download the most recent version from

Choose the Minimal version of ZF, which contains all the files you need.

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