Vba screen updating off excel

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Update Batch ' testing for once per shift If (c Records3! Value 6) Then ' sunday, shifting to monday d Current Date = d Current Date (8 - Weekday(d Current Date, 2)) End If ' updating number of records n Total Records = n Total Records 1 Worksheets. Status Bar = n Total Records & " records created." Next n Year Loop ' selecting source cell Worksheets("History Seeding"). Select Private Sub Deselect Cell(n Target Row As Integer) ' turning cell to unselected state With Selection . Weight = xl Medium End With ' testing for top or bottom cell If (n Target Row = 4) Then ' top row With Selection . Weight = xl Medium End With Else If ((Worksheets("History Seeding"). What I would like it to do is during the execution of the code, as it finishes each cell, it turns off the formatting on the cell. That user then sees that the cell has been unselected prior to advancing to the next step. Color Index = 4) Then ' setting start date variable d Start Date = "01/01" & Worksheets("History Seeding"). Value ' testing for first monday If (Weekday(d Start Date, 2) 2) Then d Start Date = d Start Date (8 - Weekday(d Start Date, 2)) d Current Date = d Start Date End If ' testing for data path If (s Data Path = "") Then ' parsing in public data path s Data Path = Get Config Info("SQLite Data Path") End If ' setting query string for job info s Sql = "SELECT * From Job Info WHERE Job_ID = " & Worksheets("History Seeding"). Value & ";" ' opening cursor Call Get Data2(s Sql) ' setting query string for frequency s Sql = "SELECT * From Job Frequency WHERE Frequency_ID = " & c Records2! Value & ";" ' opening cursor Call Get Data3(s Sql) ' determining the number of iterations Select Case c Records3! Value Case 0.33 Or 1 ' Once per Shift or Daily n Iterations = 365 Case 2 ' Every other Day n Iterations = 188 Case 7 ' Weekly n Iterations = 52 Case 14 ' Bi-Weekly n Iterations = 26 Case 30 ' Monthly n Iterations = 12 Case 60 ' Every Other Month n Iterations = 6 Case 90 ' Quarterly n Iterations = 4 Case 180 ' Semi-Annually n Iterations = 2 Case 360 ' Annually n Iterations = 1 End Select ' setting query string for job info s Sql = "SELECT * From Job History;" ' opening cursor Call Get Data1(s Sql) ' starting year loop For n Year Loop = 1 To n Iterations ' adding history to database *Row ID used for unique id auto increment field c Records1.

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If you think I missed an important concept for how to optimize Excel VBA performance, or if you’ve got a valuable comment or link to share, please feel free to post here so everyone can benefit. Turn Off Everything But the Essentials While Your Code is Running This optimization explicitly turns off Excel functionality you don’t need to happen (over and over and over) while your code runs.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. Note that in the code sample below we grab the current state of these properties, turn them off, and then restore them at the end of code execution. Display Page Breaks = False ‘note this is a sheet-level setting ‘: This setting tells Excel to not redraw the screen while False.One reason this helps is that if you’re updating (via VBA) several different ranges with new values, or copy / pasting from several ranges to create a consolidated table of data, you likely do not want to have Excel taking time and resources to recalculate formulas, display paste progress, or even redraw the grid, especially after every single operation (even more so if your code uses loops). The benefit here is that you probably don’t need Excel using up resources trying to draw the screen since it’s changing faster than the user can perceive.

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