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“After all these years I think I’ve finally figured out how to play this thing,” says Followill, now 27.

“When I first started out, I wanted my sound to be deep and bassy, with no string definition.

In that time, Jared’s ability and performances as a bass player have flourished, as his early root-fifth, guitar-following riffs have evolved into finely crafted lines that affect the music both rhythmically and melodically.

Not only has he grown to embody the role of a bassist, he has also developed his own unique voice on the instrument.

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In my next phase, I went with more of a crunchy mid-range tone that made my amp sound like I had a fuzz pedal on, so I could still be a little bit sloppy.I wanted to write more complicated parts and challenge myself a little bit more in the studio this time.” He adds: “It always changes each record, because I get a little bit better and I’m able to do the things that I hear in my head more.In the beginning I would basically play along with chords and write really simple parts, but now I can usually play the ideas that I hear.” The album’s first single, ‘Supersoaker’, features a tight backbeat bass-line that moves the verse while supplying a driving foundation for the vocal melody in the chorus.I just started playing that bass-line and Nathan started playing drums, and we locked it in,” explains Followill.“Before I wrote it I thought it would have more of a Police-type feel, but after it was completed I realised that it sounded more like Nikolai Fraiture from the Strokes.

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