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Although not vigorously enforced (clearly reflecting the irrelevant irrationality of the law) the stigma still reverberates culturally and is felt personally by most LGBT individuals.

Bonela is a non-governmental organization (NGO) formally established in 2001 to support human rights initiatives in the area of HIV/AIDS and to facilitate concerned organizations and individuals committed to protecting and promoting the rights of all people affected by HIV/AIDS.

In the shadow of the plague numerous government and charity (NGO) associations have been established to operate as health education and treatment organizations, some with same-sex issues (usually MSM) as a quiet secondary focus.

(photo right, parliament buiilding) The suit was jointly filed by Le Ga Bi Bo gay organization (Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana) and a Botswana human rights organization, Bonela (Botswana Network on Ethics, Laws and HIV/AIDS)who have been planning the submission for months.I met all four and experienced their intelligence, articulateness and determination to take on the daunting task of fighting back against blind ignorance and deliberate bigotry that runs recklessly throughout the Botswanan culture fueled by distorted Christian beliefs and ignorant politicians.Being gay in this country has been, since colonization by England in the 19th century (independence came in 1966), an outlaw condition according to now archaic Victorian legal statutes and social standards.Presented here are Stories, Links, News Reports and Photo Galleries for more than 190 countries.Intro: Botswana is both modern urban and simple rural, rich and poor, prosperous and challenged with both an anti-gay law and a playful gay community that breathes freely.

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