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First, we set up XMonad to transmit its log messages through DBus.Then, we create a little Gnome applet to read these messages and display them to the screen.Before booting the Pi the first time it will be helpful to configure wireless using netctl so the machine can be accessed via ssh.

In order to resolve my problems, I decided to build a simple Gnome applet that would display the same information that xmobar was displaying, but do it directly on the gnome panel.

IO:: Socket:: INET is usually available on servers where Perl is installed.-a $chlogpath ; then echo -e "\n Change Log for $" $chlogpath fi if -z "$" ; then read -p "Please enter initials: " init sed -i '1i '"$(date)"' '"$init"'\n\n\n' $chlogpath vi 3 $chlogpath exit 0 else sed -i '1i '"$(date)"' '"$SUDO_USER"'\n\n\n' $chlogpath vi 3 $chlogpath fi After years of using xfce for daily work I’ve headed back to tiling territory.

The above version is a slightly modified version of a script found here: NOTICE!!

Fortunately, DBus provides almost exactly the service we want.

DBus is a messaging mechanism by which one application can send messages to another application running on the same computer.

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